Artist Statement

I take on the world with physical force. Movement and exploration are necessary for me to thrive. I am constantly testing my limitations and finding new ways to approach art and my materials. My painting is an extension of this material sensuality. Even from the moment I begin cutting and nailing wood for stretcher bars, I am aware of my physical connection to my paintings. After the canvas is torn to size and stretched, my aesthetic debate is how to allow the piece to take on another dimension so that it itself dictates how the paint will be placed. Often draping the canvas in order to evoke feelings of nostalgia or simile of objects, I am not satisfied with paint in its traditional form. Paint is used to enhance form or take on new shape.


Above all I make art because I feel it is my purpose. Creating is something that gives me energy and provides clarity. Mixing mediums as experimentation and to create texture is all part of my process. I seek never to replicate or recreate but hope to evolve through each series of work. I am heavily inspired by the renaissance as well as African art. Perhaps it is the surge of polar opposites that excite me. Joining together that which seems mismatched, dances for me.


My draped canvas series is all about replicating the beautiful drapery seen in so many masterpieces. Perhaps like Michelangelo’s Pieta… the draped cloth on Madonna appears so fluid and soft yet made of stone.  These pieces however, are created to be playful not serious.  I let the canvas move as it wish and am merely facilitating by stapling or nailing it in place.  I want them to appear soft and mobile yet once painted they are fixed and hard…yet still appear to be in motion.



Born 1984, Chicago, IL. I have spent my time split between the United States and Italy where my family still lives.


2006-2007 Post-Bacc. Studio Arts College International (SACI), Florence, Italy 


2002-2006 BFA Fine Arts University of San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA

Select exhibitions


  • Circa Modern, Chicago, IL


  • Circa Modern, Chicago, IL


  • Only Light Can Do That, Oggi Gallery, Chicago, IL
  • Circa Modern, Chicago, IL
  • Criateart and Gnarware, Oggi Gallery, Chicago, IL


  •  Through the Looking Glass, Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL


  •  Peace Tower / Mark di Suvero Installation, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago IL
  •  Piano Piano, Piano Piano, SACI Graduate Show, Florene, Italy


  • City Wide Art Exhibition, Florence, Italy



  • Donation to Salt and Light Coalition